We can't provide support I'm afraid, but you should find it all quite simple.

1 - Download

Download the latest release from the downloads directory.

2 - Unpack

Untar the file into your web root. You should now have a working demo.

3 - Problems

If it doesn't work, you may not be allowing .htaccess to override Apache settings. Check your config for the line "AllowOverride All", or provide a list of overrides if you'd feel safer.

Or Make Your Own

Here's our .htaccess file. Steal bits and make your own;

# Error Pages

ErrorDocument 404 "File not found"

# Templates

HeaderName header.html
ReadmeName footer.html
IndexIgnore header.html footer.html etc

# Functionality

AddHandler server-parsed shtml
Options +Indexes
Options +IncludesNOEXEC

# Listing Settings

IndexOptions +DescriptionWidth=60 +FancyIndexing +ScanHTMLTitles +SuppressHTMLPreamble +TrackModified +XHTML
IndexOptions +NameWidth=50 +SuppressLastModified +SuppressSize

# Custom Descriptions

AddDescription "Please read me first :)" README
AddDescription "You're not supposed to see this file." header.html

# Icons

AddIconByEncoding (CMP,/etc/icons/compressed.png) x-compress x-gzip
AddIconByType (TXT,/etc/icons/text.png) text/*
AddIconByType (IMG,/etc/icons/image.png) image/*
AddIconByType (SND,/etc/icons/sound.png) audio/*
AddIconByType (VID,/etc/icons/movie.png) video/*

#AddIcon /etc/icons/binary.gif .bin .exe
#AddIcon /etc/icons/binhex.gif .hqx
#AddIcon /etc/icons/tar.gif .tar
#AddIcon /etc/icons/world2.gif .wrl .wrl.gz .vrml .vrm .iv
#AddIcon /etc/icons/compressed.gif .Z .z .tgz .gz .zip
#AddIcon /etc/icons/a.gif .ps .ai .eps
#AddIcon /etc/icons/layout.gif .html .shtml .htm .pdf
#AddIcon /etc/icons/text.gif .txt
#AddIcon /etc/icons/c.gif .c
#AddIcon /etc/icons/p.gif .pl .py
#AddIcon /etc/icons/f.gif .for
#AddIcon /etc/icons/dvi.gif .dvi
#AddIcon /etc/icons/uuencoded.gif .uu
#AddIcon /etc/icons/script.gif .conf .sh .shar .csh .ksh .tcl
#AddIcon /etc/icons/tex.gif .tex
#AddIcon /etc/icons/bomb.gif core

AddIcon /etc/icons/back.png ..
AddIcon /etc/icons/readme.png README
AddIcon /etc/icons/folder.png ^^DIRECTORY^^